“Do you need a Coach? That is a catch phrase today, but how many people take that on in their life. Well if you ever thought of stepping into that possibility of working with a Business Coach. Ariana is a great person to establish that relationship and assist you in setting goals in your life to get things accomplished. Ariana makes you fearless in facing your goals and accomplishing them so you can have what you want in your life. Need to be stretched and go beyond your comfort zone – give Ariana Fernandez a call today.”

B. Smith

Motivational Speaker/Corporate Trainer – Layoff Aversion Solutions, Outplacement Services, Life Coach and “Connector”.


“A friend recommended I try life coaching with Ariana Fernandez. I was new to town with a lot to get my arms around and no energy. I really needed a jump start. I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone.

Ariana was a complete stranger and maybe that’s what I needed, objectivity, someone who didn’t necessarily know what I’d procrastinated on recently or achieved in the past.

I was willing yet ambivalent when we started. But I decided to give the process my best shot. What did I have to lose?

Ariana was both coach and cheerleader, guiding me through her process and into my own.

Soon I had visual and audio affirmations, and checklists I actually initiated and completed.

After acknowledging what all I really want in my life moving forward, the fires of my internal motivation were lit. Then it was a matter of managing distractions and being accountable.

What a difference a few month makes! I’ve re-established my businesses in another part of the country and they’re stronger than ever. I have new clients. I’m attending to my health and fitness regime. I am creating a wonderful new network of friends and renewing relationships with family.

I am so grateful to Ariana for guiding me through her process and delivering me to this point in my journey.”

N. Sabir

Health Coach


“Thank you for supporting me in getting clear and conscious about my goals and commitments.  This includes clearing my mind to make intelligent decisions about my goals and follow-through for it to happen. 

 The result is:  my feeling much better about work and life.”

A. Frankel

Independent Contractor

Health Coach for TSFL





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