Get Your Head Back in the Game!


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Have you ever felt clouded? Unfocused? Overwhelmed? Unsure of your next step? Unsure how to connect with your audience? Do you wonder where your audience is hanging out and whether they actually want what you have to offer?

If you are nodding your head or saying “DUHHHHHH!!!”then, my friend, you are not alone. I feel this way at least once a week. This is the life of a solo entrepreneur and Online Marketer.

My mind gets tangled and stuck on meaningless “STUFF.”  Sometimes it’s like a record (who remembers those?!)or a CD that is scratched and starts to repeat the same lyrics over and over again. I sometimes feel the gremlins in my head are stuck in a loop and telling me the nastiest and craziest things. My favorite one is, “You’re not good enough!” I’m sure you can relate. Why am I letting you in to my dark little world of gremlins? Well, it’s because I want you to know first and foremost you are not alone. We all have gremlins to battle!

Next, I want you to know that you cannot just easily ignore your gremlins. I actually have made friends with mine in a way. The power our negative thoughts have is twofold: 1) We assume they are real and happening now. 2) We try to ignore them giving them the power to bother us and never confront them head on.  So what’s a girl to do? My suggestion is to accept that we have negative thoughts and that at times we will get depressed, distraught, overwhelmed and may want to quit. This does not make us less powerful. Instead, it makes us human.

Many moms, especially Mompreneurs, and all entrepreneurs think we have be supermom, superwife, superbusinesswoman, etc, etc. That’s a ot of pressure to put on yourself! And even though I know you are a super person, you are still human. Embrace your “humanness,” and cut yourself some slack. So, the next time those gremlins rear their ugly heads (and they will!) you can just politely say, “Thank you for sharing!” and move on. You know what has to get done. So make shit happen TODAY and every day.

But, if you find yourself with some big and nasty gremlins that won’t take no for an answer – CALL ME! Please reach out! If the negative thoughts are getting to you, don’t keep them to yourself. Connect with me or someone else you trust to talk you through whatever is going on so you can release those pesky gremlins, get back in the game, and keep moving on.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. As a special gift for taking a few moments out of your day to read this post, I have a free gift for you. Sign up here  and learn about the “7 things you might be doing that are costing you the sale.”

Happy Selling,

Ariana Fernandez

CEO Manifest Love Intl

Certified Master Coach



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4 thoughts on “Get Your Head Back in the Game!

  1. Kerry Swetmon November 21, 2013 at 4:29 pm Reply

    I was once told, “you can focus like nobody’s business….For about 5 minutes.” It made me laugh. When I start to feel scattered, it frustrates me. That’s when I take a break. Nothing helps me more than going outside for a few minutes. Nature grounds me w/o fail:)

    • Ariana (Ari) Fernandez November 21, 2013 at 4:46 pm Reply

      That is so true Kerry! Sometimes a little break and fresh air can clear your head. Happy Trails! 😀

  2. Gayle Nowak, The Story Stylist November 21, 2013 at 8:39 pm Reply

    I was just talking with another woman today about how we are our own worst critics. I’m starting to realize as I get a bit older and wiser . . . if I can’t cut myself some slack, if I can’t forgive my own mistakes, if I can’t be a bit gentler on me . . . how am I going to do that for anyone else? Thanks for the reminder Ariana!

    • Ariana (Ari) Fernandez November 22, 2013 at 3:17 pm Reply

      Your Welcome Gayle! Thanks for your feedback. This is a subject that is always on my mind, an ongoing battle. We are our own worst critic and we have start by using positive words when talking about/to ourselves each day. Start the day with saying “I love you” to yourself. Little NLP trick 😀

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